MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 10-13-19:

MLB Update:

Shortstop Carlos terrorizes NYY with his bat, not just his glove, and the Astros do what they had to do and grab one back before this battle resumes in the Bronx. Of course, the Yankees will happily take a split, but this game suggests the path to the WCS will be extremely difficult if New York’s starters do not go for more than Paxton’s 2 inning stint tonight. Boone had to use too many guys to get to Chappy, and one there, he had only 1 inning to lean on the closer. After that, there wasn’t much of a security blanket, and Houston did what Houston is inclined to do … capitalize. Starting pitching for both of these teams will continue to be very important as this things moves to a probable Game 7 conclusion. #Astros #Yankees

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