MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 10-12-19:

High anxiety in Houston for cranky Greinke, who gets pushed around by the big bad Yankees …

MLB Update:

— Gleyber gleefully gets in his whacks, leaving Zack with some major high anxiety, while Masahiro emerges as the unexpected Game 1 hero. Time for the Houston choo choo to leave the station. #Yankees #Astros
— Things are looking pretty grim for once sassy St. Louis. Scherzer shows them the door with dazzling 7-inning one-hitter. No, this isn’t over (remember 1986 when the Red Sox won the first two at Shea and then went into the fetal position), but some major miracles will need to surface for these Cardinals if they hope to prevail. #Nationals #Cardinals


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