Games to watch during Week 7 of college football:

Red River Rivalry rears its beautiful head in Dallas ….

Burrow and the Bayou Bengals confront Florida’s stout defense in the most interesting game of the day (on paper); Joe should be too much for a Florida team whose offense is generally stuck in the swampy mud.

Red River Rivalry at the Cotton Bowl — OKLA has looked like a complete powerhouse, but is Texas qualified to hang with them? Perhaps in Dallas they can, at least for a few quarters.

Leisurely champagne brunch for Michigan against perennial powder puff U of I? When’s the last time the Illini have been accused of fighting for anything on the football field.

Touchy feely turtles should have enough gumption to foil plodding Purdue in the boiler room.

Big 10 doormats clash in a lilliputian tug of war in Bloomerton; nice to see RU and IU have finally found their mutual huckleberries.

USC vs. Notre Dame doesn’t have the glitter of days gone by … Book this as another win for the Irish, who have the distinct advantage at QB.

Lions/Hawkeyes should be intense and physcial but when push comes to show Iowa won’t be able to keep up with Penn St.’s pace.

Big Red will be a big disappointment in Minnesota; Golden Gophers are new and improved, while Nebraska has been nothing but inconsistent and unreliable (Tom Osborne where are you when we need you).

Expect sucky Kentucky to buckle under at home to the really ready for blood Razorbacks.


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