MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 10-9-19:

MLB Update:

— Weak kneed Doyyers destroyed, in order by: (i) another gutty performance by the USS Strasburg; (ii) more fiddling and diddling with the bullpen by nervous nellie Davey (why on earth was Kershaw in there pitching to righty Rendon, let alone the batter to follow); (iii) machine gun, misfiring Joe Kelly (who was left in wayyyyyy tooooo long); and (iv) Howie Kendrick, who atoned for some fielding boo boos quite well on this Day of Atonement. Congrats to the Nats!!!!
— Braves lay a huge egg at home, coming up completely flat against Flaherty, while St. Louis tears Foltynewicz a new one before he has time to catch his breath in an historically good top of the first. Looks like Atlanta still paying the price for all those good times it had in the fat ‘n happy days of the early-to-mid 1990s. #Braves #Cardinals


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