On the “Can’t you hear my knockers on heaven’s door” CDST show (Part Deux):

Not your average Joe at LSU … kind of a mixture of Brady and Malcolm McDowell

On the “Can’t you hear my knockers on heaven’s door” CDST show (Part Deux):

— Hear how a real team effort in the bedroom can still end in equipment failure (classic Woody) (“this is the adrenal gland … we’re pumping away” “I’ve made it in cars before, but always in hard tops” “roll out the tongue” “here comes the kiss … hang on” “activate the pleasure center” “can we please have an erection, what the hell is going on down there” “maintain hands on breasts” “proceed with erection, all systems go” “we need more help from the brain” “we have an erection at 45 degrees”
— It’s October … time to think pink in the NFL
— The budding Brady at LSU is no average Joe
— Maahk gives us the skinny on the tight end situation in NE, flashes the fully blacked out/shark eyes look, and then fills in for a spell when Moose and Rocko have to help the Judge find his wallet
— ChabDog unknowingly channels You Tube’s Pittsburgh Dad (“Hey honey, Roethlisberger’s coming to dinner”)
— Carolina’s definitely the worst 4-1 team in human history
— One thing that the master hoodied puppeteer can’t do … set the clock in his car radio; can anyone find an intern?)
— “Ted” Nugent should be playing guitar, not trying to kick extra points (he’s the weak link)
— Cruel and unusual punishment is being forced to watch the Bears play in London (I’d rather watch an execution at the Tower)
— Emmanuel Sanders is the man to get!
— Tank prepares to jump out his first floor window (better get that Pats hat)
— Caruso plays the Jew card in trying to recruit your Hebrew host to the dark side (not happening)
— Why accuracy is more important than velocity
— A preview of next week’s guest Jamie Williams, comes to us from the House of Pain
— Guess who used to leave tickets for The King at every game
— Too bad for Glanville that his Falcons won more fights than games
— Reminiscing about Irving “The Burner” Fryar
— Thinking about whether Stanley Morgan had HoF numbers
— We think the league was too strict with Trevor Burfict (Roger Goodell needs to calm the #R$#$ down)
— Eric incorrectly assumes you can’t trust the Raiders on any given Sunday
— Standing room only in Carson, with all of Rivers kids attending the game
— Since when are the ‘Boys at home a safe bet
— Little did I know Brisket would really be cooking on Sunday night
— Who’s probably on the couch eating a cheeseburger with Trump
— How about that free phone football
— a fly-by swat by Well-read wielding a tennis racket
— Taking a walk on the Wilder side of life with four-legged Daisy (“Dirty Deeds, Done With Sheep… Dirty Deeds, L’il Bo-peep”)
— Gruden appeared to have been mentally challenged when he made his last ever Redskin challenge
— Is there a bun in the oven?
— Can’t you hear me NIcky knocking … those pictures over in the hotel rooms there for the taking (with Chabby Pesci doing the play by play)

Miss Daisy driving men crazy …

“Can’t you hear my knockers on heaven’s door”


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