MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 10-7-19:

Rays emerge from the orange haze and cut Herve Altuve, Bregy Brady, squirrely Gurriel and Springer-in-his-step down to size.

MLB Update:

— Like clockwork, the soft underbelly of the Braves bullpen gets exposed in the 8th and punctured in the 10th. Smart money is on St. Louis in Game 5…. I think….#Rays #Astros
— Rays extricate themselves out of that annoying orange haze and send Greinke back to Meineke for some reconstructive body work. And Charlie isn’t at all sorry for shrinking Springer, Bregy, and Tattoo Altuve down to size. #Astros #Rays
— Facing elimination, the Nattily attired wild cards get mad, … as in Mad Max … to do their bidding, and in the process dodge elimination. #Dodgers #Nationals
— Twins mount a token threat in the bottom of the ninth, but for the Yankees there’s absolutely nothing to fear, what with Chappy painting the upper inside corner with the perfect dog ear. That was all the Twinkie defense that New York needed. #Yankees #Twins

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