On the “Can’t you hear my knockers on heaven’s door” CDST show (Part 1):

— Are we over saturated with American football, as well as the Patriots? Stan says at least 10%
— Frank is frank on this point … he’s had enough of TNF (listen to his bye-bye idear for making the games more compelling)
— Figuring out which teams have already quit (Dolphin deductions)
— Too many flags (you can’t even look at a QB these days without getting a penalty), too many teams, too many commercials (in a row) and too few kickoffs
— Get ready for the sequel to the 1972 Super Bowl … Dolphins-Skins/Stupor Bowl
— And what was the compelling game this past Saturday? Rutgers getting left in the gutter by Maryland!!!!
— Even RU has a cupcake to invite over to play (hello UMass)
— Friday night fright: the lean PAC 16 football on Fox (ugh)
— Did Underwood do something underhanded with the “Are you ready?” song
— ChabDog educates on the emerging legend of Joe Burrow
— Why are they called Air Force if they can’t pass
— Flipping the switch with coach Switzer (“We kicked their ass last night!”)
— Bravo for Barry, who throws a brick and saves a dog
— Why Garrett may be gotten rid of by year’s end
— Something’s gone very wong in Landover, and Miami’s new competition for the race to the bottom
— Funny how schemes that work so well against the Bengals, don’t go so smoothly against the Ravens.
— Why Harbaughs of the same feather flock, win and lose together
— They don’t call him Big Ben for nothing
— Henry Steeler is making a name for himself
— Why Cleveland’s opponents are turning into Chubb chasers
— Opining on some scary good lines, including the 3.5 being given to PIttsburgh
— Poor Ned’s needlessly nervous about the Nationals … right? Dodger hitters having to deal with the destroyer, USS Strasburg and taking a ride down the Scherzy Turnpike
— Tampa Bay gets Coled over by Gerrit
— The conversation turns to Trea Turner and someone who actually steals bases.
— Going ballistic over Annibal and then hearing Fleming go ballistic over something
— Don’t get carried away … DC’s 6-4 record against the PATs in the last 10 isn’t as good as it looks
— What team has scheduled The School for the Blind?
— Whether taking a TV over a ring is a bad move
— It may be a wild goose chase for the Bears against Oakland
— Marc correctly predicts a huge game from midget Murray (sorry you had to give up the lollipop gig)
— Carolina has become mysteriously good since Newton got nuked (chew on that Minchew)
— Vegas asked us to take the Giants .. meaning the Vikings will win big
— Gruden might be rudely fired before game’s end, but miracle of miracles, .. the Redskins actually showed up
— Getting reminded that Sammy D. is a mono mono man.
— How to drive in New Jersey (what exit?)



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