NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 9-6-19:

Illegal hit leaves Mason wasted…

NFL Update:

— Illegal hit leaves Mason wasted, and though Devlin manages to work out the details, Steelers don’t deal with the particulars too well in OT. Why Tomlin chose to kickoff in OT we’ll never know (how can you possibly give away that obvious benefit voluntarily?), and JuJu loses his handle on the situation. #Ravens #Steelers
— Jets certainly needed a cool hand Luke manning the controls; not today, as the Eagles rip out the spleen of gang green. #Jets #Eagles
KC gets overpowered by the patient and relentless Colts, who controlled the offensive line with their reliable starting five and by lots of havoc wreaked by ex-Chief Houston. #Colts #Chiefs
— Cowboys spend the first half looking like total slackers against the Packers, and can never recover. Bad things often happen for his team when Dak continuously drops back, A pleasant surprise for the visitors was the rushing of Aaron the running back. Green Bay is only to happy to find a winning formula that does not teeter unduly on Aaron the QB. #Packers #Cowboys
— Buc defense wasn’t ready for Teddy, who had them backing u after Q1. #Buccaneers #Saints
— Denver designs a suffocating defense that took away the trademark Rivers short stuff, and wins the rough and tumble battle in the trenches with the gutty play of LIndsay. #Broncos #Chargers
Bills show an iron will in standing up to the tough Titans in Nashville. #Bills #Titans
— Late in the game, the Bears come undone in London; was this really the Raiders? #Bears #Raiders
— Vikings pillage at will in Giants’ village; NY’s prolems are by no means behind them particularly with no Barkley and run options limited.
— Redskins beat a hasty retreat from the Patriot onslaught in the second half, with Colt misfiring and virtually nothing to show in terms of 3rd down conversions. #Patriots #Redskins
Falcon defense falls short against Fuller, who fills up on receptions and yardage in a Big Texan way. #Falcons #Texans
— Cardinals work a fly-by shooting of the ever-victimized Bengals, and Kyler Murray is the lead perpetrator. #Cardinals #Bengals


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