MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 10-4-19:

Stras turns on the premium gas, and now this series is even Stephen …

MLB Update:

— Stras with the premium gas lights up the Doyyers in Game 2; now things are even Stephen and Washington goes home with a psychological … and home field … advantage. #Nationals #Dodgers
— Minnesota gets its quota of homers, but little else, and the Twin twirlers are hardly in a position to hold down LeMahieu. Bombers hardly look worried as they prepare bid bye bye to the Bomba Squad. #Twins #Yankees
— Rays are, not surprisingly, floored, or should we say, held at bay by the first foray of Houston’s devastating 1-2-3 punch. As for the home teams offense, it’s old reliable Altuve who leads the way. #Rays #Astros
— If Atlanta loses this series, it probably won’t be the fault of Foltynewicz, who burned through the Cards in a must-win Game 2. Braves are hopeful they can steal back home field advantage in Game 3, with their best pitcher, Soroka, slated to start. #Cardinals #Braves


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