On the “Fresh Start Initiative” CDST Show (Part Deux):

— The latest from Trump on impeachment (the SNL abridged version): “I’m like the President of harassment…. Rudy, get out of there and stay off the phone … Dad, I just can believe the lamestream media is focusing on you…Chairman Kim, … whassup…plus Judge Jannine… who’s my special beautiful boy … and Ray Donovan … the fixer)
— Maahk discusses the political equivalent of the Patriots vs. the Bills
— Rosen was recently seen nosin out the competition … is he Big Al from Happy Days’ long lost grandson
— Speaking of noses, what famous wide receiver for the 1991-1994 ‘Boys was known for being able to shove eight balls up each nostril
— Recommendation … if you’re a pro baller, stay away from those gas station, sexual enhancement drugs
— The number of NFL’ers on adderall is really adding up
— We check in with dink and dunk Rivers, who pulls out the shovel pass to bury the Fins
— The weight of evidence did not favor KC covering in Detroit, even if Andy Reid weighs 400.
— AB touches a raw nerve for Krafty with his reference to massage parlors.
— How much more (in terms of years and yards) for Frank Gore.
— “Well played, St. Farm” / “Did we just have a breakthrough”
— Could it be that Cincy’s current collapse informs us about why it took so damn long to fire Messy Marvin.
— Who’s on the short list of great QB’s coming out of Alabama
— Caruso’s go to “Your Mama” jokes for catchers looking to be real ball busters (it’s certainly great to have one with a real rapier wit)
— When receivers behind the plate turn into pitchers
— The excitement builds as we make way for King Salami
— Checking out some very crunchy Cheecheroni’s … yes it’s kito approved, and great as a doggie treat
— Majority view is ATL won’t be able hang around rough and tough TN
— We should have been worried about taking the Rams, minus 10
— If child bearing were a sport, what’s the world record? 16?
— Kirk Cousins getting too few points against da Bears? He lives up to his flop billing
— Denver’s defense has looked pretty flat with Flacco
— The Saints get dangerous when they get painted into a Superdome corner
— Going back to the 1995 Super Bowl and @#$#@$’ing Larry Brown
— Life and Times of one Hunter Biden
— ChabDog loses his nerve when it comes to taking the Stillers, minus the points
— Well-read was well-within his rights worry about Haskins getting thrown to the wolves.
— Ending the show in a very pleasing and bossy way … taking a trip through Jungleland!

Now this was a distinguished schnoz … Josh Rosen’s Italian grandfather, Big Al…


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