NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 9-30-19:

NFL Update:

— In Pittsburgh, they’ve gone from Big Ben to a guy who looks remarkably like Robby Benson. Maybe it’s time to start calling Mason “Henry Steeler”.
— Pittsburgh stays picture perfect at PNC on Monday Night, with a very satisfying thrashing of the bewildered Bengals. No. 2 Rudolph was just too good, working at a near 90% completion rate, and looking like a very youthful combination of some of the league’s QB mainstays (Brady? Wilson? Roethlisberger?). The play calling suited him perfectly, allowing for safe, short completions, which kept the chains moving and got the running backs involved and loosened up. This was also an important confidence booster for Diontae Johnson, who recovered from an early fumble (thank you JuJu for the pep talk) to have a game changing performance. And could multi-talented utlity man Jalen Samuels be the team’s backup QB, in addition to doing a little bit of everything really well.As for the defense, this was beautiful display of effective pass rushing, along with tough run stopping on Mixon and aggressive, tight pass coverage.Yes, this was only the Bengals, but it gives the team a solid foundation for moving forward, and let’s note we are now only 1 game out (with the Ravens coming to town). #Steelers #Bengals


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