On the “Fresh Start Initiative (Jewish New Year’s eve)” CDST show (Part One):

— Tank doesn’t know who he hates more … The Ohio State or The Michigan
— Remembering when RU was last ranked #1 in 1969 (when it beat Garden State rival Princeton.
— Oh how times have changed … new headline “Rutgers drops soap in shower at The Big House”
— ChabDog swears that the MD Terps are the college football version of the Washington Deadskins
— Clemson is lucky to overcome its annual September moment (Trevor was having tremors, and Mack was having serious brain attack … how about playing it same and going for 1) (we explain when it is prudent to eschew 1 and go for 2)
— An urgent plea for more AB … otherwise we may be cleaning the sullied beds with our terrible towels
— Understanding the concept of witness tampering (when a group text is definitely a bad idea)
— When Big Ben broke his long public silence on his fellow killer B … a candid interview (what did happen to that wifi connection?) (“Hey Ben, you should have thrown to JuJu”)
— Why a starting QB with a radio show is probably a bad idea/better to keep it close to the vest.
— Eric explains why it’s no good to be out of warranty if you’re a pro baller
— The conversation moves to pumpkin desserts … m&ms, pop tarts and Hostess cupcakes
— The ultimate indignity for the defending champs … finishing behind the Mets (anything to say about that Mr. Caruso?)
— Theo Epstein back to Boston?
— Sweet swings include The Straw and Griffey Jr.
— Complex swing with the power hitch was Big Daddy
— Recalling the unusual chicken wing swing of Joe Morgan, the Tim Toeffel shuffle, and the Mike Schmidt shimmy
— Is Rickey Henderson still playing, and crouching at the plate
— Looks like Dave Roberts will have another chance to be reviled
— Yankees don’t know where to begin when it comes to beating the Twins (and Paxton’s ass is sore)
— Frankie Midnight pays homage to his darkhorse pick, the Braves, before partaking in some peyote (you’re hallucinating), stepping in some holy dog @#$@ and ducking out
— Caruso explains what a Catholic scapula is (and no, it isn’t a kitchen utensil) (who soever dies wearing this shall not suffer eternal fire… so I got that going for me, which is nice)
–Explaining why Buffalo could do relatively well against the Patriots
— Taxi-cab confessions on a full moon night (pretty crazy stuff indeed) (Maahk’s management challenges) (what it’s like to drive two 350-pound crackheads)
— Travels with Sgt. Stadenko (“there’s a great donut shop over the hill” … “Harry, you’re a blithering idiot”)
— Panthers must have heard our reference to panties… sorry Houston
— A majority of our panel calls Cleveland’s win over the Ravens … outright
— ChabDog sticks to his guns and wisely backs the G-men (no joy for the misfiring Colt McCoy)
— Ty Long lives up to his name, booting that field goal
— Well-read gets Indy right once again (no surprise given where he’s lived)



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