NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 9-29-19:

NFL Update:

— Vikings lie down compliantly against another quality defense, with little to show for Captain Kirk’s 26 measly completions … or for that matter, their QB’s massive price tag. Quite a drag for the folks in Minnesota, who were sold quite a tainted bill of goods by Cousins’ St. Farmism agent. #Vikings #Bears
— Chiefs do what quality teams do and take care of business with a game-winning drive, leaving the Lions crying; however, give Detroit’s defense lots of credit for coming up with a scheme that made things tough on the league’s most high powered offense, and provides an example to follow going forward. All that was missing was a spy to keep better tabs on Mahomes, when the star QB ventured away from home and out of the protective pocket. #Chiefs #Lions
— A Baltimore defense that was softened up last week by Patrick and his Mahomey boys got absolutely drubbed by Chubb and riddled by Baker’s bullets. This may well be the victory that puts the Browns on track for their first AFC North divisional title. #Browns #Ravens
— With Prescott pressing all night and Elliott unable to evade or overrun NO defenders, the Cowboys got roped into a low scoring tug of war with the inspired Saints and lose their grip on an unblemished season. #Cowboys #Saints
— Jacksonville fights back with some fine running from Fournette, and Minshew administer the final fatal blow to a Denver defense that is no longer getting it done in the Mile High City. #Jaguars #Broncos
— Suh makes sure the Rams are through with monster fumble return, and the LA secondary gets continuously burned by the Winston-to-Godwin combo. Tampa looks uncharacteristically tough under the authority of Arians. #Buccaneers #Rams
— Jadeveon certainly wasn’t clowning around when he took matters into his own hands with one of the most athletic pick sixes you’ll ever see. The end result an insurmountable lead for the very reliable Seahawks, who have no trouble taking the fight out of the flighty Cardinals. #Seahawks #Cardinals
— Basket case Redskins were just asking for more trouble by putting in Haskins, who clearly wasn’t ready for the promotion; lopsided loss to G-men has Gruden looking like dead man walking in the Nation’s Capital. #Redskins #Giants
— Chargers take care of business in South Beach by wearing out the lightweight Dolphins. Miami is now 1/4 way done with its perfectly imperfect season. #Chargers #Dolphins
— Road warrior Raiders show uncommon poise, with an emotional, but focused, start, and hold on to jolt the Colts. Carr has one of his best games in a long time, and the defense makes the big plays that matter (without the usual mental meltdowns). #Raiders #Colts
— Panthers are all smiles with Kyle at QB; shame on Deshaun and the inept Texans who frittered away countless opportunities en route to a completely forgettable (and somewhat inexplicable) offensive breakdown. #Panthers #Texans
— Titans right the ship with their typically winning formula of stout defense, strong running and controlled passing; you let this team play with the lead, and you are playing with fire. As for ATL, they are hopelessly addicted to air travel, which is a strategy fraught with land mines. #Titans #Falcons
— Patriots overcome their own anemic offense to snuff out mistake-prone Buff. #Patriots #Bills


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