NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 9-28-19:

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

— Nebraska and its calm, cool and collected coach suffer severe frostbite in late Sept when the Buckeye blizzard blows into LIncoln. Let’s cut to the chase here … the once proud Cornhusker program has no business whatsoever being on the same field with THE OHIO STATE. Fields has his offense cranking on all cylinders, and tonight they cut through the wimpy Black Shirts like a knife going through butter. #Buckeyes #Cornhuskers
— Bulldogs spend the entire first half in the doghouse, and Bo certainly liked how the world turned today at Auburn. #Bulldogs #Tigers
— Towson’s Tigers see a big pay day, but in return get chomped in the Swamp. #Tigers #Gators
— Trojans aren’t traveling well these days, and get harassed by the Huskies; Fink really stinks with 3 INTs and the defensive effort was in a word … indefensible. #Trojans #Huskies
— It appears that it took a couple of quarters for the Fighting Irish to lose their cavalier attitude regarding the upstart Cavaliers. #Cavaliers #FightingIrish
— By barely squeezing by the loser Hoosiers, Mich State validates its stature as a very fringe member of the Top 25. #Hoosiers #Spartans
Rebels without a prayer get busted up bad in their Tuscaloosa tussle. #Rebels #CrimsonTide
— Iowa makes its case for membership in the Big Ten’s big boy club with a blatant blowout of the Blue Raiders. #Hawkeyes #BlueRaiders
— Feeling down? Just invite the Knights in scarlet tights to town. #Wolverines #ScarletKnights
— If you have one wish, you should pray not to have to travel to Wis to tangle with the bad ass Badgers. Wildcat strike capability gets thoroughly squelched at Camp Randall. #Wildcats #Badgers
As forecasted, Jalen and the Sooner put a big hurt on the laggards from Lubbock. #RedRaiders #Sooners
— A&M’s special agent Mond to the rescue in an uncanny Aggie 4th quarter comeback that would make Frank Broyles blood boil. We know one team that really has the Razorbacks’ number. #Aggies #Razorbacks
— Heels almost give Dabo a Big Mack attack, but the Tigers do just enough to escape wriggle free from severe embarrassment at Chapel Hill. Notwithstanding the win, a fall from #1 is a very real possibility. Today’s contest exposed a number of vulnerabilities for Clemson, including QB Lawrence’s tendency to telegraph his passes and spotty pass blocking by the offensive line. #Clemson #TarHeels
— Lions lay it on the Terps, debunking any theory that these terrified turtles have a hard shell. To the contrary … after this debacle it will be tough sell that there’s any substance to the cream puffs who hail from College Park. #Lions #Terrapins


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