Movies With Migs: Abominable (Spoiler Free)

DreamWorks Animation is back with another film that is fun for the whole family!

Earlier this year DreamWorks released the wonderfully animated hit, How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World, and now in September they released another film that is quite the visual spectacle! Abominable is a lot of fun, and very heart warming. I screened the movie in Baltimore this past Tuesday, and I had such a good time I didn’t even mind the youngin behind me kicking my seat. The kids in the theater were laughing and having a blast. That’s always nice to see the kiddies enjoying themselves. The movie even features some adult humor. There is a joke in the movie that had all the older ones cracking up because those that didn’t come up in the 90’s didn’t/wouldn’t get the reference. Abominable tells the story of Everest, a lovable yeti that is trying to find his way home after escaping from captors. He runs into Yi, a teenager from Shanghai who is also lost, but in a figurative sense. Everest and Yi become friends and Yi enlists her neighbors to help her get Everest home before he is captured again. The catch….Everest lives in the Himalayas! If you guessed that the adventure they embark on is fantastic, then you guessed correctly! The story has some familiar themes you’ve already seen in other animated films. Friendship and family are at the fore, but those themes are timeless and make for touching stories when executed correctly. There are plenty of awwwww moments to make you smile. You might even shed a tear. What I was very impressed with was the animation. This movie was a visual feast!! The vibrant colors look beautiful on the big screen. When I screened Abominable it was shown in regular digital format. It popped in that presentation, so I wondered if it was going to be shown in premium format when it was released. I was happy to see that my local AMC was showing Abominable in Dolby Cinema. I took my editor to see it earlier today in that format. Oh my!! That clarity in Dolby made those visuals jump off the screen. The animated recreations of various locations in China blew me away! I’m not sure if other theater chains are showing the film in a premium format, but if you have that option available, check it out! WARNING…..It may get costly if you go premium! Regardless, it’s a nice film to take the family out to see. I recommend it!
I’ve been asked this question twice, so let me clear it up just in case any readers were wondering. Last year Warner Bros released Smallfoot, which is another animated film that centers around a yeti, but that movie and Abominable aren’t the same. Abominable tops Smallfoot as far as visuals are concerned, but Smallfoot had way more depth in its story. I have Smallfoot in my collection and I will be adding Abominable next year. Both films are entertaining!

Check my live review of Abominable here:

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