MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 9-28-19:

MLB Update:

— Cards can thank their lucky stars, as Wainwright gets bombed by the feisty Cubs, but Brewers can’t capitalize on the road in Colorado. Both of these weekend series portent poorly for the 2 NL Central playoff entrants. #Cubs #Cardinals
— Yanks have apparently lost interest in home field, and are now suffering from attention deficit disorder … hence the problem deficit in today’s game with Texas. #Yankees #Rangers
— Those seeing today’s blown save by Hader witnessed a site about as rare as Haley’s comet … and that’s not very comical from the perspective of the shocked Brewers. #Brewers #Rockies
— Rays get sidetracked by Jays in their way, and now come Wild Card time, have to go to the dreaded O.Co. to face the dangerous A’s. #Rays #BlueJays
— Giants get cut down to size, and then some, by ERA guru Ryu, and Dodgers take the race for the best record down to the final day; better concentrate LA, this last game could matter against Houston in a really big way. #Dodgers #Giants


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