MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 9-27-19:

Powerful Pete gets a curtain call when gets all of one … for the 52nd time this year

MLB Update:
— Powerful Pete pounds another one and catches Judge with 2 games to spare; rookie homer record remains within reach. #Braves #Mets
— White Sox-Tigers cancelled due to rain, and won’t be rescheduled due to extreme apathy. #WhiteSox #Tigers
— Braun pulls out when his calf comes up tender, and Brewer drive for the division title experiences a CO fender bender. #Brewers #Rockies
— Who knew Newman would be this good; Pirates will finish behind the Reds, but have some serious bragging rights in their season series (moving to 12-5). #Pirates #Reds
— Cubs emerge from their funk to nearly skunk the staggering Cardinals. A case of too little too late … but playing spoiler certainly feels great. #Cubs #Cardinals


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