Sunshine & Whiskey

So, Friday, I was sitting in my room… having a NOT so good Friday and I see a message pop up in Google Chat; it’s LaQuantia!

Her: Hey! What are your plans this weekend?

Me: Cry!

Her: You wanna cry with me to TN?

Me: Sure!

That was the beginning of a trip to Tennessee that involved: Laughter, Tears, Sunshine and Whiskey!!!

Of course we got on the road late. Bad communication on our parts, no worries cause WE GOT ON THE ROAD so now what! LOL First Stop GEORGIA! I mean did yall think we were going to drive all the way to Tennessee Friday night? (And when I say WE drive… I really mean LaQuantia drive… don’t judge me). It stormed and we rode. Made it Georgia little after 12.

Oh, My bad… Why are we going to Tennessee? Well, we are going to Uncle Nearest Green’s Distillery. Don’t know what that is? Google Uncle Nearest, I ain’t got time to explain that RIGHT this SECOND.

So, anyway, we get to Georgia and our course our first stop was Waffle House. I mean what else is there? Then Tiffany’s. Hey Tiffany. Got up in, Slept, Got up and hit the road EARLY because our appointment was at 11:30 and we had a three and a half-hour drive. So, we riding, talking laughing and then Q remembers the time change. Are we about to be an HOUR early? Yes, so what do we do… Stop at Waffle House. We were the only “US” in there. Not even the working. Never in my life had I seen that before but moving on. If you saw my Facebook post you saw that we laughed at ole girl chasing those kids around the parking lot… go look at the post. So, Q is flying up and down mountains and slinging us around curves and we arrive…

Uncle Nearest Green’s Distillery…

I knew who Nearest Green and his affiliation with Jack Daniels but I had no clue about this place. However, when you’re friends with the best bartender in these parts, she keeps you informed. Although they are still in the beginning stages and there is so much still to be done, THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!! The history that was told… just AMAZING!!!! If you ever get the opportunity to visit… GOOOOOOOO!!!!! You may want to go when it’s cooler cause let me tell you, it was HOT! That Tennessee HEAT hit different! Everyone knows how cold natured (the red squiggly line is under that so I assume natured is not a word… I’m still using it). Anyway, by the end, “I” was the one saying… go ahead and cut the car on and turn the air on! HOT was an understatement and it was basically STILL MORNING!!!! Q said, I KNOW it’s hot now… YOU asking for AIR!!! See how your friends do ya! LOL

I am going to attempt to remember this stuff and share some pictures. . .

This project is HER (Fawn Weaver) baby! She came to spend 4 days in the town researching Uncle Nearest and 3 years later, she’s having a GRAND OPENING of Uncle Nearest’s very own distillery! Thanks for doing the leg work and being so dedicated to get his story out and open this great establishment. The work and dedication is remarkable. Can’t wait for Sept. 5, 2020!!!


Steve did his thing and when I say he knows this place… HE KNOWS THIS PLACE!!! Reading and KNOWING are two different things and when someone KNOWS you can feel the passion. We are in what will be known as Heritage Hall.


We got to put labels on bottles that will actually be used to bottle the Whiskey. Mine didn’t pass inspection though so… no one will get mine but I got to experience it and that’s all that really matters.

Part of the bottling process!


Of course, we stopped to take randoms before and after…

…and when it was all said and done…


What an HONOR!!! The Great Granddaughter of THE GREAT Uncle Nearest!! She signed Q’s bottle of Whiskey and since I didn’t get a bottle, she signed my bag!


The FRIEND I made while there. Her and her husband were so cool and we’ve made an arrangement to meet again… same place… Sept. 5. GUESS WHAT? I talked to them first! Stepping ALL OUT of my comfort zone and I’m LOVING IT! Hey, Lawana! It was GREAT meeting you!


The most important person of the entire trip… LaQuantia. Thanks so much for the invite to share this wonderful experience with you. PERFECT TIMING!!!! I enjoyed every bit!!



“Sunshine & Whiskey” by Frankie Ballard

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