MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 9-25-19:

Stomper’s chomping at the bit for some October baseball.

MLB Update:

— No way the A’s are getting waylaid at the Big A. No way! #Athletics #Angels
— Cubs visit PNC village and get pillaged. #Pirates #Cubs
— Have the winds of change have finally blown the Indians off of their playoff perch? Tonight, they finally blinked and played a very sloppy game against an inferior opponent. There is scant time to repair the damage. #Indians #WhiteSox
— Visiting Red Sox round out their uneven season with a bunch of round trippers against the dazed and confused Rangers. #RedSox #Rangers
— Seattle flunks out in class against Professor Greinke, leaving little doubt who’s the big bully in the American League schoolyard. Houston will mostly have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and has three ridiculously studly starters to set its sumptuous table. #Astros #Mariners
— Ok Twins, you can finally … at long last … relax (at least for 4 games). Minnesota get fat one more time offa the fat of the land in the AL Central; if Cleveland can do it, why can’t they as well. #Twins #Tigers
— Cards find out to their dismay that smoke and mirrors don’t always work that well in the desert. NL Central lead is cut to 1.5. #Cardinals #Diamondbacks


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