On the 2nd half of the “Fall into Fall” CDST show:

On the 2nd half of the “Fall into Fall” CDST show:
— A rollicking dinner table meltdown from step-brothers Dale and Brennan
— Our guest reminds us how fun it is being a Patriots fan
— Supposin how much Rosen will learn in his foray against the Cowboys, assuming he survives
— Dylan reminds us that the Jets are all set to ditch the QB and ring the Bell with a direct snap, and then performs a statistical regression analysis of the erratic Chargers
— Poor Frank can’t ever figure how grab the Lions by the tails.
— Lamar’s sneaky good, for sure, right now, but in a few more years … after taking the beating of a running QB … he may be sitting games out in his babushka
— Rutgers’ self-destructive TD celebration really (those Scarlet Knights are not too bright)
— Tank fails to fully indulge himself with the fantasy of being able to burn Maahk in effigy, but makes sure he puts in a request to replace Miami’s miserable logo, as well as their puke green aqua marine unis
— Special report: AB is trolling South Beach, but our correspondent is sure the Dolphin owners don’t have the cojones to go it alone in giving this guy a third chance.
— Why you can’t be mediocre, year after year; just bite the bullet and really concentrate on losing
— The legend of Mike Epstein/Super Jew (he won the Triple Crown at Rochester) (he makes ChabDog’s all Hebrew squad)
— How Brooks almost single-handedly took down the powerful Big Red Machine; unfortunately for Cincy, the pitching never really measured up to the hitting (just try and new a few guys on their staff)
— Kelce is THE NEW GRONK
— Caruso explains why there was no “Farewell to Antonio Brown” night in NE
— An in-depth review of how Josh Gordon funded his tuition
— Why in jail it’s sometimes required to go get someone’s coffee
— It’s up to the team who gets a ring … something the Raiders will never have to worry about
— “This is a house of learned doctors … I’ve had the old bull, now I want the young calf …. Brennan has a mangina… I want to put my nut sack on your drum sack … I’m almost outta gas, call out the A-rabs”
— The Dolphins are bad beyond our wildest expectations, and the NFL is investigating
— You know you’re on top when you land your first Topps baseball card
— On the 1970 O’s, everyone partied, except straight-laced Dick Hall
— The life of a ball player … play the day game, stay up all night, eat some White Castle burgers, sleep for 7 hours, pop some greenies and play more ball
— Finishing up with the right clips from A Night at the Roxbury (“Is this your first time? ….. wow you’re hilarious)



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