MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 9-23-19:

Corbin rounds out a very stalwart Senators’ (I mean Nationals’) rotation …

MLB Update:

— Looks like Washington was right on the money giving super starter that big long-term deal. The Nats have the rotation to cause some serious damage in the playoffs, and the division winner had better take serious notice. #Phillies #Nationals
— For Cardinal haters (and I think there are a few) this latest win streak is simply astounding. How this team continues to score 7, 8, 9 and 10 runs at a time is a bit mystifying…. and the pitching is nothing fancy, but it is holding up. Whether this can possibly continue in the playoffs .. against an excellent starting staff like the Dodgers’ or, to a lesser extent, the Braves, Nationals and/or Brewers, remains to be seen, but this team obviously believes in itself and doesn’t seem to care who they play. That right there is the clear stamp of a winner. #Cardinals #Diamondbacks
— Steven gets savagely pinned to the Citi Field welcome Matz by the featherweight Marlins, leaving the Mets in truly dire straits. Time for another pep talk from Mr. Feel Good, Mickey. #Marlins #Mets
— Red Sox sorry state of pitching inventory wears thin at the Warehouse, as a continuous stream of meatballs get served up at the plate to TB’s murderers row of Ji-man, Lowe and Willy. Tickle me silly, but if you’re a Boston booster this is pretty hard to digest, even if it is totally meaningless. #RedSox #Rays

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