Bill “it’s time to defend myself” Self now faces some serious static over some questionable moves at the helm of Big 12 titan, Kansas.

Tension’s rising in Lawrence, and someone’s starting to sweat …

Will he weather this storm, given what already been proven in court about some pretty sketchy “bros” he had at possible “booster” Adidas remains to be seen, but the NCAA seems to think it has plenty of evidence (including text messages) placing him squarely in the middle of a seedy, smelly ring of special favors, undue corporate influence and corruption. And to up the ante even more, a defiant KU is aggressively circling the wagons around its embattled program leader … but at what cost. Indeed, this is a well respected institution, with a rich sports history, and blindly sticking to its Jayhawk guns could have damaging long term consequences to that precious commodity … reputation. Something to ponder in Lawrence.


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