NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 9-22-19:

Manning’s minions have been replaced by the Jones Gang in NYC …

NFL Update:

— Tampa tried to fool itself into thinking it could keep up with the Jones … it couldn’t. Giants fight back under new QB for what could be a season saving win. #Giants #Buccaneers
— Allen is a breath of fresh air for the reeling Panthers, who hope they’ve found a formula for emerging out of the NFC South basement. #Panthers #Cardinals
— Good teams make adjustments at halftime; that’s what the Rams have made a habit of doing, and today was no exception.Good teams put the ball in the end zone when they’re sitting at first and goal from the 5; today, the Browns fell short of this standard by mucking up such a lovely situation.
With three time outs and 40 seconds, there was no reason in the world that Cleveland couldn’t have attempted at least one run with their talented halfback Nick Chubb; alternately, they could’ve
tried their luck with a Mayfield scramble to daylight. Instead, they quite predictably had Baker drop back for 4 straight hope hurls into a crowded end zone. The end result was massive teeing off by Donald and Co. on the pass rush, a feeble pickoff on the game’s final play, and the Rams walk away with a precious road win. #Rams #Browns
— Awful loss for the lackluster Steelers, who are gifted a handful of TOs but can’t fully capitalize; Niners are allowed to hang around, and when push comes to shove, they impose their will and go in for the kill. #Steelers #FortyNiners
— Chargers’ lack of 2nd half follow through holds true once again, as Watson riddles the Charger defense for huge chunks through the air, and Watt and friends bother Rivers to no end. For LAC, it looks pretty obvious that the breaks that were going their way last year are nowhere to be found. #Texans #Chargers
— Seattle’s repeated brain farts, which lead to an absolutely horrible start, create a hurdle that was just too steep for the normally resourceful Russell to navigate. Saints look ready to keep their heads above water with Teddy. #Saints #Seahawks
— Falcons lose their grip at the outset and never quite recover; another impressive effort by unheralded Brissett, who is doing his level best to make the loss of Luck something to forget. #Falcons #Colts
— Bills make the Bengals pay dearly for their defective start; tip drill worked to perfection with cooperation of Hyde and White. #Bills #Bengals
— This week, Broncos get trampled the Green Bay Way as Orange Crush looks more like mush, and Flacco and friends look relatively flat. #Broncos #Packers
— Patriots junk the Jets, who get scrapped early but recover to prevent a cover. #Jets #Patriots
— Are these really the Lions? Making the most out of their yards and taking better care of the ball than their opponents? A pat on the back to Patricia is in order. #Lions #Eagles
— Cook has a field day against a disorganized Raider rabble (what a surprise), creating the perfect home environment for Kirk to do his work. #Raiders #Vikings
— Chiefs’ home run experience continues with Mahomes, who sizzled when the situation required, complimenting a suitably, if not awe-inspiring job done by the KC defense. Too little, too late for Lamar and the Poe-inspired Ravens. #Ravens #Chiefs
— Miami’s offensive mishaps continue, as the offense moves but doesn’t accomplish much with Rosen, the Chosen One, at the help. Dallas wakes up in the second half, and routinely covers (barely). And please, let’s cover up those grotesque aqua-man pajamas. #Dolphins #Cowboys


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