MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 9-18-19:

MLB Update:

— After this year’s over, Cole should start spelling his name with a K … he’s become very familiar with that letter. #Rangers #Astros
— When it came to the 10th, Cincy didn’t wince against the contending Cubs. #Reds #Cubs
— Cleveland’s newest red-headed stepchild, Puig, goes wild in the Indians’ latest win over the miserable Tigers. #Tigers #Indians
— Mad Max just hasn’t had his normally disagreeable disposition on the mound lately, and that was a major problem today for the Natties, who are fighting to keep their place in the NL Wild Card race. #Nationals #Cardinals
— Tampa continues to tamper with the Dodgers’ plans for super home field adv. throughout the playoffs … this could be a problem come October. #Rays #Dodgers


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