MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 9-17-19:

MLB Update:

— … they’re not called the “Blight” Sox for nothing; how exactly they blew this game we’ll never know. #WhiteSox #Twins
— Dodgers were showing it tonight … showing why they’ve got what it takes to secure yet another NL Pennant .. as well as a World Series title… they have all the parts… just need a good central nervous system. #Rays #Dodgers
— Darvish was living on his Special K diet in a big way, but the Cubbies were starving for their usual bushel of runs. Too bad … as they somehow fall to the going-nowhere-fast Reds. #Reds #Cubs
— Brewers rejoice when Cain lifts his game in the face of the lame Pad Squad. #Padres #Brewers
— Can it get any worse for the Pirates? The closer is going to lock up, and the hitting is definitely in a case of arrested development…. oy vey
— Looks like hitting at Fenway is something that runs in the family for the Yastrzemskis … which today was unfortunate for the Red Sox. #RedSox #Giants


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