Rivers could be in danger of having more kids than wins this year (8 may not be enough)

On the “Taking on Week 2 of the NFL” CDST show (Part 2):

— Groucho sets a standard for cabinet meetings that Trump can only aspire to
— Richie shakes down Beansey, after spurning a veal parmesan sandwhich
— How to step up, after getting brained by a glass coffee pot
— Who said, “I can fight anyone for 30 seconds”
— Ok .. it’s official … nobody can cover AB, particularly Eric Rowe
— Is Dak all that? Some of us still aren’t so sure.
— We they’re giddy in South Florida that Arians decided to get back into the rat race.
— Wearing a Roger the Clown tee-shirt probably disqualifies you from being a respected head coach… sorry Matt
— Rivers could be in danger of having more kids than wins this year (8 may not be enough)
— Picking the Giants was a giant mistake (shame on you, ChabDog)
— Brissett has a big upside? Really? I think I like brisket more.
— Caruso comments ad nauseam on how the fecal Fins made Lamar Jackson look like Warren Moon
— Once again, Well-read fails to take heed of the Patriot creed … we always cover, brother
— Never go with the Redskins with Case in place (shame on Maahk for talking him up)
— Going with the Steelers on blind faith can be hazardous to your health
— Yes, Cincy did look pretty exhausted after actually playing competent football in Week 1
— No, “Bang on the drum all day” is not a sex offender song
— Correctly speculating that the Raiders shot their wad to start the season
— Psychoanalyzing Rams-Saints rematch
— No, Flacco is not a monster, or even a manster
— No more Roethlisburgers for Ben … your helmet is getting too tight and making your face look fat
— Eli Manning’s days are definitely numbered



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