On the “Taking on Week 2 of the NFL” CDST show (Part 1):

— Stan speculates about why Villar’s historic shot made such a titanic explosion
— Stay tuned … you heard it here first about the special talents of Hansel Alberto, son of Hansel and Gretel
— Breaking bread with Baltimore’s Boog is the right move
— Remembering Roberto’s laser throw to third from right field in the 1971 WS (hitting Hoak on a rope)
— Serious sour grapes … when Giant fans accuse Raven mavens of harboring a murderer in their linebacker corps
— Going back to Josh’s 4 hr game … “Alright Hamilton” … yes he’s got a bit of Chris Davis in him
— The wild card nobody wants to face in the AL would also be part of a WS matchup MLB wants to avoid under any circumstances
— All about the eyesore that is The O.Co. … particularly for baseball with the cavernous foul territory and the folded up bleachers (better bring the binoculars if you’re in the front row)
— Will the A’s fans soon be flocking to Freemont?
— Why shifts work in baseball (chicks dig the long ball/it’s not sexy going the other way)
— Frank’s xmas wish list for the Mets involves a healthy Cespedes and a missing Mickey, among other fantasies
— The reason Dustin signed whatever the Red Sox put in front of him
— TNF scenes we can do without .. Camille Newton in a babushka (somebody forgot they were shopping in the ladies section of the store)/at least Dwight Howard was turned on…
— With all these crappy NFL matchups … just shoot me
— The Dullphins would lose to lots of SEC teams, as well as Dombosco Prep
— Does anyone know how to pronounce Tagliaknowa’s last name
— Life’s bad when you have to “improve” to get to horrible
— How to make Lamar Jackson look like Warren Moon
— Who was Sammy D kissing before he got Mono… is this another instance of Patriot tampering (rumor has it Kraft has hired LT as special consultant)
— AB now playing with TB (some of us now smell a rat)
— And would Goodell please explain how you can call someone a “cracker” and not get suspended?
— Not a good idea … spilling a drink on Aaron Hernandez
— New pool .. on which sidelines will Urban be housed next year (how about of all places, UCLA? no too challenging)
— Remembering the curious resume of N. Dame’s George O’Leary
— Miami’s really paying the price for kicking Kiko to the curb
— Frankie Midnight sheds light on Wk 2 with some illuminating visions (some of which didn’t pan out) (e.g. going with the G-men, Houston, Pittsburgh, Saints, Cincy, and Denver), but his touting of The Boys for the Super Bowl looks pretty prescient.
— The story of Brady’s success on the opening drives … tales from the script
— Hey Eric, take it easy on my worthless Steelers … would somebody please send out feelers for a pulse
— Kicking a field goal from the 1 = complete submission
— NE’s latest freak … a weightlifting machine name Isaiah Wynn
— There needs to be a new law against use of excessively recycled announcers (e.g. Dan Fouts) (we need some fresh brains)
— An observation about the source of Aikman’s aches and pains (the Dallas pavement really hurts sometime)
— Maahk admires any defense that can shut down a Sony.

How about that Todd Hamilton!

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