NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 9-15-19:

— This was a totally rational game, in which the Chiefs’ offense did anything and everything they wanted to do to the pitiful Raider resistance in the 2nd quarter, and then, quite understandably, got extremely bored and took the rest of the afternoon off … and without any adverse consequences. #Chiefs #Raiders
— There was no miracle in Miami today for the Dullphins … just the grim reality of utter and complete domination at the hands of the Patriots, who never looked threatened and spent the day in total and complete control. Beautiful if you are a NE fan; boring as sin if you are anybody else. #Patriots #Dolphins
— Heady game for Lamar, who realized what he couldn’t do with his arm, he had to do with his legs. As for the Cardinals, give them credit for hanging around and hanging up enough points to make this interesting … courtesy in no small part to some fancy passing from new kid Kyler. #Cardinals #Ravens
— Bengal defense was particularly galling (or should we say appalling), as the match ups go decidedly in favor of QB Garoppolo. #FortyNiners #Bengals
— Chargers were missing their kicker, and with the missed field goals and PAT could not have been sicker; that being said, this was heinous loss for the visitors, who shot themselves in the feet over and over and over again with bonehead penalties and stupid coaching decisions (at some point, isn’t it advisable to play to your strength and play for touchdowns?). It’s a long season, but something tells me LAC will be very sorry they let this one get away. #Chargers #Lions
— As usual, Rogers has no problem outplaying Cousins, and the rest of the Viking offense just can’t pick up the slack against the Pack. #Vikings #Packers
— Giants have Barkley, but Bill have more with Gore and an efficient Josh Allen. As for Manning, he’s proving to be a real Eliability. #Bills #Giants
— Dak leads a Dallas attack that left the slower Redskins looking like they had lead in their boots. #Cowboys #Redskins
— Lots of D on display in Denver; unfortunately for the home team, the instant O belonged to Pineiro, whose big boot makes him a hero. #Bears #Broncos
— Breezy, pleasant day on the Left Coast it was not for the Brees-less Saints, who are left to languish with 9 measly points when Bridgewater just can’t bridge the leadership gap. Rams get clicking in the 2nd half with super touchdown by Cooper and a return to rugged and reliable running by Gurley. #Saints #Rams
Irony in ATL, with Philly being patient and opportunistic with the ball, but getting carelessly aggressive when trying to stop the home team in their final drive. Flawed Falcons survive. #Eagles #Falcons


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