NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 9-14-19:

NCAAF Top 25 Update:
— Joe the Tiger is looking more and more like Tom the Patriot with every passing week. #Tigers #Demons
— Powerful, well-coached OU draws first blood … and then some … with its Hurts to Lamb and Rambo combos. The UCLA football program is in complete shambles … nothing less than a total joke/disgrace. Thanks for absolutely nothing chubby Chip; your QB hasn’t a semblance of a clue, your offensive “schemes” are non-existent, and the defense is a farce. In all fairness, refunds are in order for the fans who had to sit through this butt kicking in person. #Sooners #Bruins
— One of the orange teams on the field at the Carrier Dome looked like a real lemon … and it wasn’t Clemson. #Tigers #Orange
— A&M looks to Lamar for a very tasty cupcake day at College Station. #Cardinals #Aggies
— Texas takes its frustrations out by boiling Rice, after getting hornswaggled the week before by the Bayou Bengals. #Longhorns #Owls
— UVa’s actually tied atop the ACC at 2-0; what does this say about the ACC? Not much… #Seminoles #Cavaliers
— Iowa takes aim at Iowa St., goes into Ames and wrestles the Cy-Hawk trophy away from the ‘Clones. #Hawkeyes #Cyclones
— Party time in Provo as the true blue believers at BYU spoil an evening out for the University of Spoiled Children. #Trojans #Cougars
— Notre Dame throws the Book at Los Lobos, and it’s more than the visitors can handle in one sitting. #FightingIrish #Lobos
— Sun Devils indulge themselves at East Lansing, at the expense of sputtering Spartans. No, the offense was not really working today with Lewerke at the helm. #SunDevils #Spartans
— Stanford travels to the land of Disney World and leaves in a world of hurt. Their offense definitely lacks sizzle, and the Knights continue to remind the world that they’re a power team, notwithstanding their non-power conference. #Cardinal #Knights
— Pitt clanks a field goal instead of manning up and going for a game tying score. With 5 min left / down by 7 is this really going for the win? Naruduzzi does his best to rationalize, but the fact is, against PSU you can never show uncertainty, doubt or weakness … particularly that close to a game tying score. #Panthers #NittanyLions
— Turtles’ shell game comes to an abrupt end in Philadelphia, as Owls prove yet again to be highly competitive fowl. #Terrapins #Owls
— The Ohio State University rudely invades Bloomington and makes things pretty gloomy for the outclassed Hoosiers. #Buckeyes #Hoosiers
— Dawgs send the Wolves a nasty love letter from Fromm, and the rest is cupcake history. #RedWolves #Bulldogs
— Crimson Tide takes it Tua the Gamecocks, and that’s not something South Carolina cared for too much. #CrimsonTide #Gamecocks


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