NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 9-12-19:

NFL Update:

Tampa’s always Famous Jameis outplays Carolina’s flimsy flam Cam in an undistinguished battle of NFC South also rans. Newton did throw for something on the order of 333, but wasn’t very efficient (under 50% in completions) and fell apart like a cheap suit in the red zone. Not only is his directional compass off, but he’s evidently unwilling to resume use of his big body to and powerful legs to gain critical yards as a scrambler. This deficiency was most obvious on the Panther’s final offensive play, as Rivera chose to try a misdirection with little McCaffrey to the outside, instead of going straight ahead and downhill with their big QB when all they needed was a yard or two. And congrats to Arians for imposing some defensive austerity on the princes of pewter … it’s about time. #Buccaneers #Panthers


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