MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 9-12-19:

MLB Update:

— Never-say-die Mets keep ‘a comin, with another nuking of the disappearing D-backs. Looks like this drama may well go right down to the regular season wire. #Diamondbacks #Mets
— Don’t tell Milwaukee they’re dead and buried; Brewers still have plenty of Braun left in their lineup, and have now won 8 straight. #Brewers #Marlins
— Cards go off more than half cocked against the defenseless Rockies, unleashing for a handful of homers and avoiding what could have been an unforgivable 4-game sweep at the hands of Colorado’s cream puffs. #Cardinals #Rockies
— Bucs are clucking now that they’ve left San Fran with the rubber game in their pocket, as well as a possible key out of the Central Division cellar (only 3 games behind the Reds). On occasion it does appear they’ve found a treasure trove with Musgrove. #Pirates #Giants
— Red Sox rise up and bid a fond farewell to the Blue Jays North of the Border, while taking the concept of bullpen by committee to a ridiculously sublime extreme. #RedSox #BlueJays
— Can the A’s do the impossible and make a consistent winner of formerly hapless Homer Bailey? He’s now an impressive 13-8, and by all accounts pitching nothing short of great. #Athletics #Astros
— Twins were hoping for a little r&r but after a rough tussle with the Natties their looking more than a bit peaked. #Nationals #Twins


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