MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 9-10-19:

Tigers draw a line in the dirt at 100 losses…

MLB Update:

— In a most interesting development, the Tigers get to 100 losses and now try to argue they aren’t really as bad as the Yankees are good. #Yankees #Tigers
— Blue Jay season is done, but the next few weeks could help this group of talented youngsters build up their confidence for next year; if they can get some pitching, this team could at least be respectable. #RedSox #BlueJays
— A’s give the strutting Stros a taste of their own medicine. #Athletics #Astros
— Mets eke out a win over the traveling janitors from AZ and stay regular. #Mets #Diamondbacks
— Phils continue fight the good fight, coming up with a huge gut check victory over the high flying Braves. There’s no reason this team can’t take it down to the wire in its fight with the Cubs for the 2nd wc. #Braves #Phillies
— Brewer playoff aspirations are cut off at the knees with most unfortunate foul bal injury suffered by superstar Yelich. Ouch!!! #Brewers


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