MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 9-9-19:

Yanks are heard singing NY, NY in the visitors’ locker room at Fenway; what a way for Boonie’s Bombers to put the hated Bosox out of their ever loving playoff contention misery …

MLB Update:

— Yankees blank the Red Sox behind the immortal James Paxton, and Boston’s playoff hopes fade into oblivion … I don’t care how many games we have left with Tampa Bay. And by the way, good riddance for Dumbrowski. #RedSox #Yankees
— Pirates put on their rally caps in the ninth inning … how often does that happen? Maybe they can loan some of this offensive mojo to the comatose Steelers… #Pirates #Giants
— Astros serve notice that their offense is just as potent as the Yankees’ by proceeding to set fire to Mike Fiers’ gaudy resume for 2019. This was one helluva a whupping … one that the A’s won’t soon forget, even if they happen to draw the wild card. #Athletics #Astros
— Cubs bulk up with some man-sized run production in Man Diego, with new guy Nico leading the way. #Cubs #Padres


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