On the “Defying all odds, we made it to football season” CDST show” (Part Deux):

The Buc who looks more like a Vike…
Mr. American Greed takes Harry’s advice to “Just go with it”…

— Check out the new fall design line at defylifegear.com
— “Like ChabDog said, he was 100% right … He can take all comers”
— Nobody dubs a Japanese James Bond flick like Woody Allen in “What’s Up Tiger Lily”
— “Good luck! I’m sure you’ll get your country on the globe” “It is written he who makes the best egg salad shall rule over heaven and earth” “This is Miss Teriyaki, our most secret of agents”
— ChabDog respectfully skirts Well-read’s question “Is it true what they say about Asian women?”
— You’re a winner if you go with Minnesota (sorry Well-read, and shame on you for convincing me to take Atlanta to beat the spread)
— Let’s go with the Redskins … such sage advice.
— The Rodney Dangerfield Jets did not deserve much respect at home; why on earth did we think otherwise
— Tanks for nuthin Miami; where was the magic of Ryan Fitz’s Santa Clause beard.
— Don’t decry the value of mediocrity, particularly when mediocrity is opposed by Tampa Bay (I will definitely take this advice next time)
— We jumped on the J-ville bandwagon and went right thru the floorboard.
— Yes, yours truly correctly foresaw a Titanic flop by the Brownies in their opener
— Rams push Carolina around at home, but the game is still a push (scary bad decision to go with Carolina)
— With much apathy we placed our faith in the unreliable Lions.
— When you see an ugly ass Seattle win on the horizon, go for it.
— You were out of luck if you thought the Chargers would cover against the unarmed Colts.
— No the G-men have nothing whatsoever that can scare The ‘Boys.
— NE vs. Pittsburgh was every inch the public execution as both of us knew it would be (Belichick in total control)
— After the ridiculously bad ending to their season last year, the is every reason to believe the Saints will visit unholy retribution on the Texans.
— The Post AB era (that never was) will open with Denver’s fleecing of the Raiders.
— Hear Mr. American Greed/Stacy Keach admit he’s totally stoned, and then take “Harry” the blithering idiot’s advice and go for it with the pepperoni pizza.
— A riveting replay of Tank’s Vlog (Sept. 4, 2019), in which he explains how insurance runs were toxic for the Mets. No Mickey you didn’t have 27 outs, and it was not safe to put Paul Seawolf into the game. “I’ve been sitting here with a ripped [Met] shirt for three mother @#$#$ing hours now”. “The Mets were killed this year by the bullpen … at least 10 games …” “@#$@#$@#$ tomorrow, win today!!!!!!”
— Who said “Ed-lose Diaz had electric stuff”?
— “The Mets are Kalimah from Indiana Jones”.
— The “I am not a homosexual clip” from Dog Day Afternoon. “Leon has confirmed that the gowns for himself and his bridesmaids cost $700”. Was that Mike Hammer in the background as the reporter doing the story? This movie was quite a precurser to Michael and Fredo in the Godfather.
— Be on the edge of your seats as Jimbo Harbaugh has 6 minutes to save his job.
— We break the news that it was a terrible day for the misfits (poor Rutgers) and what about KU’s loss to Coastal Carolina later in the day.
— MD’s backs and receivers are catching everything the QB throws up there, and the Terps abuse the Cuse with some really nasty, throw up helmets.
— CBS Sports is truly lame (no tennis news on US Open final day)
— It definitely won’t wreck your day to hear our closing tune … Joe Walsh’s “Wrecking Ball”


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