NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 9-8-19:

NFL Update:

— Same old story for the somnolent Steelers, who sleep walk through another nightmarish opener. Shame on the front office for letting Tomlin repeat past mistakes … bringing a team to the starting gun with no real game plan on offense, including a completely pathetic running game and a very predicable passing routine. 21 yards for James Connor? 1 catch by the tight end? Relying on someone named Moncrief to take the pressure off of JuJu. Good grief!Congratulations to the Patriots for not losing a trace of a step from last year’s Super Bowl performance.
— Niners were shining today, with some sparkling leadership on defense from the ever-intense Richard Sherman; as for Tampa Bay, it looks like they’ll need a lot more than Bruce Arians to turn things around … how about a compass for Famous Jameis’ continuous misfires. #FortyNiners #Buccaneers
— G-men put up minimal resistance when it matters most in Big D; Dak had the knack for finding open receivers, and Zeke looked like all he needed was a week to get ready for work. #Giants #Cowboys
— Another kiss your sister moment in the desert as Detroit self-destructs, and Arizona rises from the dead, but with both teams shooting themselves in foot in OT. Oh boy … what a thriller! #Lions #Cardinals
— Bungling Bengals can’t finish properly in the red zone, and that’s a fatal flaw when you’re facing Russell Wilson at home; opportunistic Seahawks squeeze out a narrow win in game 1. #Bengals #Seahawks
— Philly gives its fans some major heartburn, before Wentz orchestrates a stunning second half rally; give the Skins credit for coming in ready to play. After working some kinks out, the Eagles look ready to challenge the Cowboys for top best in the NFL East. #Redskins #Eagles
–Jets do what Jets do and waste a golden opportunity for a hot start to the season, laying down to the Bills in a disastrous fourth quarter. The silver lining here was a nice debut for Bell, who did a little of everything and should help gang green win at least a few games. #Bills #Jets
— Chiefs choke the life out of the Jags, as Mahomes looks quite at home without Tyreek Hill. He’s still got plenty of weapons, and had no problem mastering what many thought was a formidable defense. And the addition of McCoy also helps. As for Jacksonville, it looks like it’ll be another long season with star pickup Foles folding up his tent for a while with a serious injury. #Chiefs #Jaguars
— Vikes mount and stuff the Falcons with a stifling defense and a calm, coordinated Kirk Cousins. Credit also needs to go to Dalvin Cook, who stirred the pot with his smooth running. #Falcons #Vikings
— The decrepit Dullphin defense is so inept it makes Lamar Jackson look like a pro QB… the first act of Tanking for Tua was a complete success!
— Rams looked ready to defend their NFC Title with a rather routine road win over the bumbling Panthers. Too many busted plays, hiccups, penalties and flubs for Rivera’s gang … meanwhile Gurley and Cupp are back and there’s no reason to believe the Rams will be wallowing in last Jan’s disappointment. #Rams #Panthers
— So much for the new and improved Browns, who fall flat on their faces in the home opener against the rough and tough Titans. TN had not only the typically rugged running game going, but also was moving things through the air. Meanwhile, Mayfield was creating nothing but utter mayhem for his teammates with three ugly interceptions. Cleveland’s clearly still a work in progress, which means the rest of the AFC North is licking its chops. #Titans #Browns


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