2019 US Open Update: Finals (Men’s Singles)

There was no stopping the brute force of Nadal … but skinny Medvedev certainly put up some heavyweight resistance.

2019 US Open Update:

— There was no stopping the brute force of Nadal, though his Russian opponent gave him a major league, five-set fight. Midway through the third set, with Nadal up a break and looking to consolidate his advantage, he missed a set up, put away volley, which opened the door for a comeback. Most amazingly, Daniil obliged and had Rafa on his heels for the next two and a half sets, with strong serving, sharp ground strokes and some great net play. But in the end, as is usually the case, expecting a mere mortal to withstand five sets of body punches from the spirited Spaniard was just not realistic. It’s over, and congratulations to the holder of 19 majors … now just one behind Roger.

— Regarding today’s US Open final … anybody who thinks this was not an amazing final is sadly mistaken. Incredible shot making, blood and guts, abrupt changes in momentum, and a crowd on the edge of its seat for nearly five hours. Tennis needed what it got today very badly. I found this immensely more interesting than the ever-sluggish Wimbledon final.
— The power of sports — working to transform a rather gruff Russian into a beloved crowd favorite in the blink of a Hawkeye.


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