Punt Pass Play – Week 1

At last, we may rejoice! It’s that time of year again! 

Week 1 IS UPON US! Shut your children in their room with the Xbox, write a farewell letter to your spouse or significant other, get your fantasy rituals ready, and shine up your championship trophy as you prepare your defense (or polish off The Sacko if you finished in last place). I welcome you back to the 2019 version of Punt, Pass, Play.

If you are unfamiliar how this works, every week I will provide you with some fantasy advice on who to Punt (cut/trade/avoid starting), who to Pass (don’t sign/bench/emergency or FLEX start only), and who to Play (start em). The advice stems from what I find to be the three most important factors in fantasy football: opportunity, talent, and matchup. I’m such a nice guy that I even throw in dynasty advice for the dynasty extraordinaire much like myself.

Visit couchpotatogm.com for Full Post.


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