Defy Life Top 10 MCs

Defy Life has taken input from everyone across the network to compile our official Top 10 MCs.

Recently, our very own Alvin Glymph stumbled upon a Top 10 MCs list and decided to take a gander. He made it all the way to #3, which had Joe Budden in that spot. That’s as far as Al made it through that list! No knock on Budden, but this just did not fly with the self-described “Hip Hop Snob”.

With that, Al decided to approach his Defy LIfe fam in hopes to secure our very own list of Top 10 MC’s.

Al’s criteria was as follows:

GREATEST MCs ever – Not Your favorites.. THE BEST..

We tried to be inclusive . The list is 133 rappers deep! BUT if you have a MC to add use the “Other” space at the bottom to write the name AND add their rank (Ex. Biggie Smalls,#4)

We are talking G.O.A.T. in this survey – so that means consider Battle skills…Charisma…Consistency… Originality …Flow … Longevity … Lyricism … Social impact …Influence on other MCs!

We officially unveiled the list on episode 123 of The Defy Life Podcast. With the vast array of backgrounds and personalities we have here on the network, I must say, I’m proud of how this turned out.

Check it out!

*To hear the full discussion and how the votes were tallied, listen to episode 123 of The Defy Life Podcast: Top 10 MCs.

1. Jay Z


2. Notorious B.I.G.


3. Eminem


4. Andre 3000


5. Tupac


6. Lil Wayne


7. Nas


8. Rakim


9. Jadakiss


10. Tie: Black Thought, Ice Cube, Redman




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