Listen To The Speak The Truth Crew Go Bananas Discussing The Newest Episode of Power.

Host: Thomas

Co-Host: Quita

Co-Host: B

Co-Host: Money

Co- Host: Bully

Co-Host: Quanda

Co-Host: Niq Le’bel


”Charge ‘em 30 a pill…you take 10..when you done with those..bring the cash back”👍🏾
”Did you know Angela’s sister from the neighborhood?….We may need damage control?”👍🏾
”It’s good for everyone that’s Tommy’s gone”🤬
”If your ships going down.. I ain’t going down with it”.👍🏾
“I’m going back to Green..I want half of everything”🤬
..”Somethings are unforgivable”.👍🏾
”She worked here for 9 years..she lost here Life for this job…what could they possibly have to..sort out.”..🤬
“Fuck..Nigga…what you get on the SAT?”..🤬
”I look like I take orders from you muthafucker..”.🤬
“Warner won’t authorize that…find another way.”.🤬
“You just not connecting the dots…Don’t drag me down in your Shit?”..👍🏾
”Good looking out kid!..👍🏾

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