On the “Opening a Sept. Can of Worms” CDST show (Part Deux):

That Wade Boggs sure likes to horse around … when he’s not playing ball …

— Why you have to have a good o-line to go with your franchise QB; but don’t cry for Andrew … he’s not out of luck
— Flashback promo to the ChabDog-KCAA days
— Getting dictatorial on how to use the zip line (better get rid of those bananas and bricks in your pockets)
— Choice lines from Dragnet, including: “Would you say these look like the breasts of a 43 year old woman?” “No they’re quite impressive, bordering on spectacular” “When one of us makes the collar, all of us make the collar” “How come his is so much bigger than yours?” “May’m” “Useless scum lapping #@$@#$#@$bag” “I guess its just you and me and your balls and this drawer”
— All about “The Burbs”
— Scotty from Boogey Nights, may he rest in peace
— Can you ever rest easy with “cocky” Mark Brasier pitching to men on base? It seems the prospect of a wild pitch impairs his ability to keep it down.
— Caruso brags about Brandon’s special curveball.
— Keith Foulke tales (yes, a closer can survive without a fast fastball)
— Why it may be a blessing to have the Yankees on your schedule in September.
— Eric calls in, telling us he was apparently very engrossed with the first 90 minutes of his show
— One of us inexplicably starts pimping Brian Hoyah
— What exactly is it about Jared Stidham that has Billy B. so enthralled.
— No Well-read, The Big Tuna is not a member of The Tribe.
— A tutorial on how to not lose your head .. in bed (try and name the Red Sox 1986 starting line up, thinking about doing your math homework, or laundry)
— What’s really going on at TB 12.
— Dreaming about Stanley, “The Steamer”
— Memo to McNamara: Put in Stapleton for defensive purposes, you bozo
— We have visual proof that Wade Boggs rode horses in the Bronx, but what about in Boston?
— Going into what made The Babe’s bat illegal
— Who’s to fear in the AFC? NE, Pitt, KC, Denver and the Jags
— ChabDog also puts in a good word for the Ti-tans.
— We take the show home via Springsteen’s “Thunder Road”




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