On the “Opening a Sept. Can of Worms” CDST show (Part One):

On the “Opening a Sept. Can of Worms” CDST show (Part One):

— We help “glass half empty” Frankie Midnight lists the many things he’d rather do instead of watching the Dullfins … including 2 days locked in solitary confinement with an insurance salesman….; later he breaks into a stirring rendition of “tanking for Tua”
— A reminder to everyone to make the most of this life … while you can
— Exploring the justification for sub-.300 hitters in the baseball HoF (there are 62 position players that did not meet this standard)
— Stan explains that he’s met Killer Harmon and Ian Desmond, “you’re no Killebrew”.
— Eating like a Bird, now means refusing to eat bad contracts … just ask the Orios and their decision to continue to play super failure Chris Davis
— Learnin about Monte Irvin
— The Tigers going 23-6 to end the season and avoid a 100 loss booby prize… in a pig’s eye, for sure?
— Hanzer Alberto? What’s that? A new kind of shampoo?
— Bemoaning the lack of variety atop Men’s pro tennis (but did we speak too soon)
— Is Isner the future of for American Men? We hope not.
— How to take over 1/2 of a reasonably large gym facility with your largely superfluous entourage? Just ask Sharapova.
— Serena showing her largeness, not largess, in a purple people eater outfit.
— Just how seriously staggering is the US Open purse? Ask both the men and the women.
— Breaking down the unbreakable Martucchi Bat … and how about that sales price of $200 +
— ChabDog has vision that Wawrinka and Djoker will be a match to watch … and combined with Ber’s recollection of a previous flat performance by Novak … that should of been a harbinger of things to come later in the day
— Explaining the dynamics of deciding whether to go with one hand or two on the backhand side
— Previewing Fed-Goffin and Cilic-Nadal
— Remembering Mac and Ilie in ’79 at the Open
— Decrying the absence of on-court antics (and no, Rafa, we’re not talking about pulling at your shorts … front or back)
— How to make Pete Sampras look like Mr. Personality … give him an updated ATP card.
— All about the very evil Hyannis parking lot lady (she’s related to Adoph)
— Why there will never be another Johnny U
— Brady is the picture of youth … shades of Dorian Gray (is there a picture like that in Tommy’s room as well?)
— Maahk gets excited think about how NE will kick the !@#@!$ outta the Steelers next Sunday night… indeed, a disturbing thought
— Poor Patriots have to find 6 strong guys to carry out those Super Bowl trophies
— In terms of being well preserved, can anyone top 70+ Hog Hannah?
— And now that he’s gotten his eye fixed, Jim Rice looks maahvelous. Is he hanging around with Mr. Nugenix, Frank Thomas.
— Discussing how Fla St. completely lost their poise against Boise; and quite a hot seat now for Willie Taggert
— Caruso recommends eating creampuffs early in the college football season to avoid wrinkles
— As for Andrew Luck, he apparently had a lot more than a high ankle sprain.
— Some paranoia about a Hoyer signing
— Tank mysteriously goes easy on Cantankerous Cabbie by declining bragging rights over the Scarlet Knight’s recent beheading of the Minute Men
— Celebrating Notre Dame and their very independent football program
— and more

…. on court antics (or should I say rituals) we can do without …



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