MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 9-1-19:

Jekyll and mostly Hyde Pirates continue their curious colonization of the crumbling Rockies …

— Jekyll and mostly Hyde Pirates continue to look like world beaters for a series, colonizing CO with a sweep of the finale; as for the Rockies, their recent collapse must be a bitter disappointment for a fan base that expected so much more after last year’s accomplishments. #Pirates #Rockies
— Poor Mets tap their farm team for a fireman and get burned badly in the 8th. #Mets #Phillies
— Boston does what it has to do and takes its series with the Angels. Have the Red Sox finally gotten serious about their wild card contender responsibilities? The hitting is there (like it’s been there all season), and the bullpen is starting to look solid. #RedSox #Angels
–Just when you thought they might be out of the picture, the Brewers get cooking … taking advantage of that predictably unreliable closer Kimbrel. Yelich seems to be heating up, and things are tightening again in the NL Central. #Brewers #Cubs
— Indians continue their tailspin … however temporary, despite the emotional return of Carrasco. They’ve not lost 3 in a row, and could be creating a wild card opening for none other than the Boston Red Sox. #Indians #Rays
— A’s let another win fall by the wayside with some sketchy relief pitching; this could be a blown opportunity for a series win they’ll seriously regret, come late Sept. #Athletics #Yankees


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