Movies With Migs: Don’t Let Go (Spoiler free)

If you had a chance to change the past, would you?

I started the month with a matinee showing of Don’t Let Go, and it didn’t disappoint me. I was interested when I saw the trailer a while back. What would you say if your dead niece called you two weeks after she was murdered? What would you do? Don’t Let Go was a decent B level thriller. It didn’t blow me away, and some of the story seemed a bit off, but I liked the time loop aspect of it. I would say that the best part of Don’t Let Go was the performances of David Oyelowo as Detective Radcliff, and Storm Reid as Ashley. They are great together on screen. There is a scene with them at a diner that really stood out for me. You want to see Radcliff succeed in saving Ashley because their relationship is touching, but there are consequences for making changes so you really don’t know if his attempts will work.  It was also good to see my man Bubba, aka Mykelti Williamson, who portrays Radcliff’s partner Bobby. Haven’t seen him in anything recent. Alfred Molina, aka Doctor Octopus, also has a small role in the film. Oyelowo is believable as Radcliff, and I think his character making attempts to change the past creates some tense moments in the film. This movie reminds me of Deja Vu, which I was watching last week, and it also shares some elements from Looper. Like those two films, Don’t Let Go contains some trippy time loop moments that impressed me as they played out. I wouldn’t mind watching this movie again in the theater. I recommend giving it a view if you haven’t done so. It’s perfect for a matinee or a discount day, if that option is available.

Migs Rodriguez

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