2019 US Open Update: Day 5, Round 2 (Women’s Singles)

Serena dines on Muchova in her imposing purple people eater outfit

2019 US Open Update:

— In a confrontation of Americans, it’s Komrade Keys over Komrade Kenin.
— It was raining Ukrainians at Armstrong, as elina elimintes Dayona.
Another major accomplishment for Qiang Wang, who manages to find her way past feisty Fiano Ferro.
— Wearing her pastel purple people eater outfit, Serena crunches, and munches on, some tasty morsels served up by Muchova.
— Barty leaves Sakkari standed on safari in the Big Apple.
— Schaiu is tennis-shoed away by Johanna.
— Pliskova finally lands the decisive third set jab against Jabeur.
— Martic looked marvelous in devastating Sevastova.

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