MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 8-29-19:

MLB Update:

— Pirates batters continue to hit their peak in the Rockies, treating CO fans to a very entertaining showing of Chi Chi bang bang with a huge 1st inning explosion. #Pirates #Rockies
— A’s build a bridge Profar to the playoffs, getting a huge game from Jurickson and holding on for a narrow victory over everyone’s object of ridicule, the Royals. #Athletics #Royals
— Manic/depressive Mets are really in the doldrums, playing like total mutts, while the creepy Cubbies have awoken once again, with exciting dreams of being best in their divisional show. #Cubs #Mets
— Tampa’s clearly overjoyed when Astro pitching gets hit with some double trouble from Choi. #Rays #Astros


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