MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 8-28-19:

16-5 Eduardo Rodriguez

MLB Update:

— This year, the best pitcher with a Boston fez is definitely Rodriquez, and the Red Sox regular making the most complete contribution in the field and at the plate is Xander the great; those two lead the defending champs to a huge win in Colorado, which draws them 1 precious game closer to both TB and Oakland. #RedSox #Rockies
— With more heroics like this from O’Hearn, Royals hope winning is something they can relearn. #Athletics #Royals
— Yet another monotonous massacre of Tigers at the hands of the Indians. #Indians #Tigers
— Yanks continue to see meat balls in Seattle, and mash the Mariners with another angry offensive outburst. #Yankees #Mariners
— Brewer pitching returns in the nick of time, as Milwaukee struggles to keep the Cardinals in their NL Central sight lines. #Cardinals #Brewers
— No more miracles for the Mets? Noah lets down his guard, and Cubbies swarm to the occasion. #Cubs #Mets
— Realmuto and his Phillie friends were real Keller killers tonight. #Pirates #Phillies


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