MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 8-27-19:

MLB Update:

— Bosox set their sights on Tampa Bay by reducing the Rockies to rubble; JBJ hits the ball a very long way, and the visitors get a surprisingly strong pitching performance from that Porcello fellow. #RedSox #Rockies
— Astros pull the welcome mat out from under Morton’s toes, as floundering Rays can’t make the grade at Minute Maid. #Rays #Astros
— Cards lean on Molina and some serious dexterity from Dexter in center to knock off the stewing Brewers at Miller. #Cardinals #Brewers
— Phillie fan had no room for niceties, after watching Rhys flail at the plate and at first base. #Pirates #Phillies
— At least for one beautiful evening, the Birds pretend that they are the real beasts of the Beltway. #Orioles #Nationals


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