Join The Speak The Truth Crew As We Discuss The Hottest Series On Television: Power.

Host: Thomas

Co-Host: Niq-Le’bel

Co-Host: Money

Co-Host: Quanda

Co-Host: B

Co-Host: Bully

Co-Host: Quita


Whose line is This??

B::“I’m sorry about the kids, they been through a lot”..👍🏾

Kee##“You ain’t gotta call him that, he ain’t part of the family no more!” (Ghost)👍🏾

“Bully::”You took a shot at the devil and you missed” (Tasha)👍🏾

“Quanda##” How many times did you say she was gonna pick herself over me?”🤬

Money##“ We need to meet, now!”🤬

“ Neek##” Fuck you Sax, you all made the decision to let her walk outa here in the first place, there was enough to arrest.”🤬

“Bully## “This is a dangerous place to fucking work.”🤬

“Quanda ## “Did you go out last night, I thought I heard the door close.”…🤬

“Money…”How did you just find me?”👍🏾

Kee..”I’m gonna convicted the man who killed her, I promise you that.”🤬

Neek…“I need you to take this and toss it in the river.” )👍🏾

B…”Yo Tommy come on man, I need a job now, not later, I got mouthes to feed, u feel me.”….🤬


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