Movies With Migs: Angel Has Fallen (Spoiler Free)

Olympus fell. London fell. Angel, you’re next!

I like popcorn action flicks. Over the years I’ve watched plenty of them, varying from “terrible” to “pretty good”. At their core, most of the plots usually are good guys versus bad guys, but it’s fun to see how they play out, and if there is going to be any innovation in the narrative or the action. The Fallen movies are not boxes of chocolates though. If you’ve seen Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen, then you know what you are getting. Slam bang action! One liners! Bullets! Explosions! Car chases! Tough guys! Heroic music! I like Gerald Butler as Agent Mike Banning. He plays his role well, and has become a solid action star. In this inception of the Fallen series, Allan Trumball (Morgan Freeman) is the President, and during a brief vacation Trumball and his Secret Service protection outfit are attacked. The attack puts the President in a coma, and Banning is set up to take the fall. Since Trumball can’t speak to Banning’s innocence, Banning has to take matters into his own hands to clear his name, and find out who set him up. You’ve probably seen this before in other films, so you could make some educated guesses on what happens next. This one was slower than the two before it, and it drags just a tad. I think the run time could have been cut down to an hour and forty minutes, instead of two hours. Despite that, I think it’s a decent entry to the series. The supporting cast was good. It’s been interesting to see Morgan Freeman’s character go from Speaker of the House, to Vice President, to President. It was fun to see Nick Nolte as Banning’s dad. I haven’t seen him in a movie in a while, but I was watching Blue Chips the other day. Check that out if you haven’t seen it. Miss Peaches, aka Jada Pinkett Smith, has a small role in this as well. Angel didn’t blow me away, but I did go see it for a second time yesterday. The screening I went to last week was shown in regular digital format, but the AMC theatre I frequent has it in Dolby Cinema. I have no idea why, and you definitely don’t need to spend that extra money for that format if you are going to see this. I have the AMC A List subscription, so I don’t pay extra for their premium presentations. The picture quality is better, and the surround sound made the explosions boom, but regular presentation is fine. This movie isn’t really premium format worthy. Go on a discount day! Fans of the series and casual action fans should enjoy this one. There is a scene right after the end credits begin, so stick around for that.

See my live video review here:

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