Anything, Everything & Nothing: “88” with Ali Caldwell

In episode 41 Lin and Kim have a special guest, all-world singer Ali Caldwell.

Hosts: Mei Lin Boykin & Kim Cannon

This Week the Ladies Check In:
Kim Is Upset With The Listeners
Lin Needs A New Car For Real

AEN In The News and Entertainment:
Chris Cuomo Definitely Isn’t Fredo
Oregon Knows What Time It is
Jay-Z Continues to Do His Thing, Regardless of the Haters
A Funeral Had To be Canceled…WTH?? …….and more

AEN Celebrity Interview: Ms. Ali Caldwell. Ali discusses her upcoming tour “The Cover Art Tour” and album and the significance of the number 8, and much much more. You will not be disappointed.

2 Stories That Make You Say Awww

This Ain’t Got Nothing To Do With Nothing:
Lin Doesn’t Like It Hard
Kim Judges A Book By Its Cover, But Really Didn’t Want Too…. and some other foolishness that ain’t got nothing to do with nothing.

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